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Terms & Conditions


Muskuy Peru Travel is an Internet domain owned by MUSKUY PERU TRAVEL SAC with RUC 20535154873, legal address these effects in L-20 BEGONIAS STREET, SAN ISIDRO, ICA, PERU, acting as ORGANIZING AND RETAILER, hereinafter AGENCY

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Conditions of Contract

Booking any of the trips listed in this catalog, implies acceptance of these terms and conditions, which are considered automatically incorporated into the contract, without being necessary to written in the same transcript.

Registration and travel booking

At the time of registration and booking a trip, the customer will deposit 50% of the total amount of travel, unless the economic conditions of the suppliers impose prepayment of a different amount. This is the case where there is some travel in advance to issue airline tickets, and in this case, Peru Travel Muskuy may apply 100% of the total ticket by way of advance. In each case we will notify the customer before issuing the ticket for acceptance. The remaining 50% must be paid at least 30 calendar days before the date of departure, considered, otherwise the client voluntarily withdraws the reservation, which will result in cancellation fees. The percentage of the deposit to be made to effect the registration, may vary the conditions of employment of each supplier may be required a greater or lesser amount depending on conditions, this percentage will be communicated at the time of booking the customer. In the event that a registered person to another / s, assumed on behalf of the entire contents of these terms.


The agency will report on the official documentation and health requirements necessary for the completion of the journey; however, will be sole responsibility of the customer both the formalization of the mandatory documents as the completion of sanitary measures. Where that is the organizing agency who handles the visa, the price of such management is besides the price of the visa and the ticket price and will not be responsible for the organizing agency the fact that the documentation is lost or because of delayed mail.

Presentations to the output

We recommend the presentation to boarding at airports two hours before flight departure. Passengers must reconfirm with this travel agency, within 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure, the following: the meeting place, date, time and flight number.

In the absence of this reconfirmation, the agency assumes liability for alterations on the information given above, (deals, cruises, airfares economic, minimal groups ...) and cancellation fees shall be as required by the respective suppliers.

Withdrawal by the customer

If the client abandons the trip, after the execution, at least, the deposit required to consider firm booking, you must compensate the travel agency with the payment of management fees (incurred by the selling agency), costs from justified cancellation (incurred by the organizing agency and tourism providers) and consistent penalty at 5% of the total charges, if canceled between 15 and 10 calendar days prior to the date of the trip, in 15% if it occurs between 10 and 3 calendar days, in 25% when Folds in the previous 48 hours and 100% no-show at the scheduled time of departure.

Do not apply penalties and compensation if the client prior subrogated to another person in your place whenever not prevent companies providing services and modification is made more than 5 calendar days prior to the departure. In this case, the agency shall be compensated with 5% of the total price of the trip plus the costs incurred to effect the substitution.

Modification of the journey by the organizer

Where the organizer is forced to significantly modify the essential elements of the contract package after it and perfected prior to departure, it shall notify the customer in writing as soon as possible so that it can choose between terminating reservation or contract, entitled to full reimbursement of the amounts paid or accept the consequences of modifying the initial trip.

In the event that the client does not communicate its decision in writing within three working days of the notification shall be deemed to opt for termination of the contract or the subject. Considered sufficient cause for modification of travel cases of force majeure (circumstances beyond, abnormal and unforeseeable) is not fulfilled and when the number of people required for the completion of the journey. When such circumstances it will not give rise to compensation.

If the customer chooses to terminate the contract as above, or the organizing agency finally decides to cancel the trip, the consumer may choose between a full refund of the amounts paid, or if the organizing agency can offer, another package of equivalent or superior quality. If the package offered was of inferior quality, the organizing agency reimburse the customer the price difference.